Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pictures from My Dad's 80th Birthday Party

One of my sisters has posted pics on Facebook from our Dad's eightieth birthday party. My brother, Marty, and his wife Trina were unable to be there and several of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren couldn't be there. But my three sisters and I were there, along with our spouses, along with quite a few of the grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and of course, my Mom. Click here to see the pics.

It puts me in mind of a sentimental little ditty I wrote for one of Dad's birthdays--thirty-three years ago, the recording of which featured primitive overdubbing involving the use of two old tape recorders. Some of the lyrics:
This greeting song is written for a very special man
He may not be the wealthiest or the emperor of Japan
Still there's something special, one can plainly see
After all this man has sired a special son like me.

Happy birthday, Dad
I know it ain't bad
Getting older
When you've got me looking over your shoulder...
Well, you get the idea. In my family, it's pretty much, the goofier the better. And I'm still looking over Dad's shoulder.

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