Monday, May 02, 2005

Isn't Don Imus' Fifteen Minutes Up?

Michelle Malkin ran this piece detailing Don Imus' inappropriate comments about an MSNBC news reader. Imus' comments at a White House press gathering during the Clinton years were in horrible taste and he's majored in nastiness ever since. Still, the high and mighty Washington elite bow and scrape to him, apparently deeming his classlessness to be hip or something. Isn't it time the guy got the axe?

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Janette said...

I'm not an Imus fan and I'd never laid eyes on the reporter before Malkin broke this story. I don't know what went on between these two but Imus showed his lack of professionalism by attacking her through his show.

Really though, who the heck is he to critcize anyone's appearance. He needs a haircut and if any celebrity ever really needed plastic surgery it's Imus. Talk about a face made for radio.