Sunday, May 01, 2005

Your Opinions of Disturbing '60 Minutes' Report?

This 60 Minutes story about alleged torture of terrorist suspects was disturbing, to say the least. If any of the allegations being made by a former translator for the US Army are true, it at the least, puts the US in a bad light. Read the transcript of the report and tell me what you think.

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Deborah said...

Those stories have been circulating the more liberal blogs for quite a while, to some credibility. These allegations have also been published widely over the last in the European press, whre the stories ae not doubted. In this case, it's generally believed that where's there is smoke, there is fire.

My reaction? It turns my stomach...not only becasue of the specific tactics, but because of what it says about the soul of the US that it perpetrates and then continues to allow this sort of denigration of the sanctity of God-given life. It's moral corruption at its lowest.