Saturday, January 29, 2005

MLB Schedules Announced: I Can't Wait!

The American League begins its 2005 season on April 3 with a game between the defending world champion Boston Red Sox and the archrival New York Yankees, it was announced on Friday.

In revealing the schedules for all American and National League teams, Major League Baseball also said that the NL season will get its start on April 4. That will happen in Cincinnati, home of the very first professional baseball team. The Reds will host the the New York Mets.

Here in the Cincinnati area, hopes are high that the Reds may make the playoffs this year and, with the subsequent development of young pitchers, be contenders for several years into the future. During the offseason, the Reds were fairly active and boosted annual payroll to over $60-million, a widely-acknowledged demarcation point between baseball's contenders and also-rans. The Reds' official web site has a second-by-second countdown to the start of Spring training.

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