Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Super Bowl: TO, Macca, and New England's Sports Fans

You know that if Terrell Owens gets medical clearance to play in the Super Bowl, it'll be a tremendous boost to Eagles' fans. Given Owens' demeanor during the Eagles' playoff win this past Sunday, you know that he wants to make this game badly. I hope, quite frankly, that he is able to play since he is one big reason that the Eagles are in the game in the first place.

My plan is to make this the first Super Bowl I've watched since the fourth one, when Len Dawson and the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Minnesota Vikings. The reason? Paul McCartney is playing at half-time, baby. Macca has already promised that this year, there will be no wardrobe malfunctions.

My big question is this: If the Patriots win, in what would be their third Super Bowl victory in four years, will New England sports fans, still gah-gah over the win of their number-one team, the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, care very much? How about if you New Englanders tell me what you think?

UPDATE: Paul McCartney will announce the dates of his North American tour during the Super Bowl half-time show. McCartney and U2 both touring this year. Yeah!

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