Friday, November 21, 2003

Dear Friend:
Some months ago, I shared with you news of the serious condition of Isaac, now in kindergarten at age six and a member of our congregation in the Cincinnati area.

You'll remember that I asked you to pray that God would bring Isaac healing. He has a cancerous tumor in the brain stem. At the time of his initial diagnosis, doctors said that Isaac's prognosis was not good.

In recent months, doctors were amazed to see that Isaac's tumor was shrinking and giving signs of dying. He has been off of steroids for several months now and had begun to look and act more like the old Isaac.

However, doctors informed Isaac's parents yesterday that Isaac's tumor has begun to grow again.

Please pray for a miracle for Isaac. Pray that God will bring him complete and total healing.

Please also pray for his family, asking God to give them strength, encouragement, and hope.

God bless you!

Your Friend in Christ,

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