Friday, December 31, 2004

A Call to Prayer for Tsunami Victims

My colleague, Pastor Glen VanderKloot has shared the following Call to Prayer.

As the death toll mounts to over 100,000 from the recent 9.0
magnitude earthquake (4th largest in history) and subsequent
two-story high tsunami waves in Southwest Asia, pastors, churches and
Christians are being asked to take IMMEDIATE PRAYERFUL ACTION.

Although we sit safely in the protection of our homes,
churches and communities, we can still be directly involved
with those much less fortunate. We have the ability to pray
boldly on their behalf and extend the hope of Jesus Christ
to them through the power of our spoken PRAYERS.

PLEASE JOIN Christians in Fervent Prayer:

Ask God to reveal His peace and comfort to thousands of
grieving families.

Ask God to provide the necessary rescue workers, recovery
air lifts, and relief agencies today and in the months ahead
during the long rebuilding process.

Ask God to give wisdom to our President and our nation to respond
compassionately by caring for all involved as Jesus would.

Ask God to let you see the victims of the tragedy in Sri Lanka,
India, Indonesia or Thailand through His eyes in order to
move you to fervently petition that their critical needs will
be met spiritually and physically.

Thank God for sparing the west coast of the U.S. from the
effects of this earthquake and tsunami, but pray that our
hearts would be humbly and fully trusting in Him if we do
experience another disaster in our homeland.

Ask God to help us use this specific reminder to responsibly
prepare, as Scripture illustrates, and help others prepare for
any natural or man-made disaster that could occur closer to home.

This is a time to pray and a time to open our hearts and
checkbooks to help!

Glen VanderKloot
Faith Lutheran Church
Springfield, Illinois

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