Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Who's Hu of Repression?

John Tierney's New York Times column cataloging some of the repressive policies of Chinese Communist leader Hu Jintao demonstrates that Asian nation's leadership has not given up its bad old past. With its massive population, aggressive campaign of economic development, and steady military development, I will say what I have said before: Dealing with China is the most important foreign policy, economic policy, energy policy, and military policy matter with which the US government must deal.

Repressive regimes love exporting their despotism and the current Chinese government is increasingly menacing. US policy must see and address these facts.


Deborah White said...

The US must start by drastically rethinking its enormous trade deficit owed to China. China is now the world's largest holder of US debt. Just like any mortgage note holder, China can "call in the debt" when and in the manner IT chooses. It's a dangerous and threatening situation to anyone who values US sovereignty.

Mark Daniels said...

It isn't a good idea for the US to be so indebted to China, to be sure. That's one of the many policy issues that must be addressed relative to this nation and its repressive regime.

Thanks for dropping by again, Deborah.