Saturday, August 13, 2005

Anti-Semitism in a Santa Monica Starbucks

Danny Miller writes about being blindsided over lattes:
The other day I had what is probably the closest I’ve ever come to a true anti-Semitic incident. It happened at a Starbucks on Montana and 7th which is one of the toniest parts of Santa Monica. This is an area choking in upscale restaurants, multimillion dollar homes, and designer boutiques that are so exclusive their entire display area might consist of a single pair of insanely expensive shoes sitting on a pristine block of maple wood. It is also a neighborhood that has an extremely high Jewish population.
Miller goes on to reflect on being Jewish in America, his past efforts to pass as a "mainstream" American, the reactions of his extended family to his daughter's blue eyes, his feelings about Israel, and other matters.

This is an eloquent, evocative piece of writing. I hope that you'll read it.

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