Thursday, April 06, 2006

Anti-Semitism Tragically Still Lives

Danny Miller of Jew Eat Yet? and also a contributor to The Huffington Post recounts the antisemitic blather to which he was subjected after writing that he would like his son to be circumcised. I just left this comment, remembering that Danny and I have had some disagreements in the past:
Danny, you and I don't always agree on things...and I've enjoyed corresponding with you on our differences in the past. Maybe "enjoyed" is the wrong word. I would say "appreciated" might better describe it. But both words, enjoy and appreciate, do convey what I feel about your blog and from it, what I know about you. You're a caring, engaged person who doesn't take himself too seriously, one willing to engage in dialog, to hear other points of view, and even admit when your opinions may not be completely based in fact. (At least "the good Danny" you described some months ago wants to foster that sort of dialog. So does the good Mark, by the way.)

It's too damned bad--and I mean that it is literally damnably bad--when people refuse your good-natured invitation to dialog, preferring instead to engage in bigoted diatribe.
Richard Lawrence Cohen has also written about Danny's experience and while I don't agree with the analogy that Richard draws between circumcision and abortion, his post is worth reading.

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