Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tiny Homes, Texas-Style

That's the new series of photo essays Richard Lawrence Cohen has started on his blog. I love the whole idea! Maybe it will motivate me to downsize sooner than later. That would be a good thing.


Deborah White said...

We downsized last year, and truly love it! We went from a bit over 2100 square ft to now about 1500 sq ft, and a much smaller, low maintenance backyard, with just just room enough for a bit of grass, a large patio set and a barbecue.

In two more years, it will be just the two of us mid-50s boomers, and this is more than comfortable. And we're freed from endless (and expensive) home and garden maintenance projects.

But our downsizing decision makes many people (usually couples in a 2,400 sq ft+ homes) feel uncomfortable, and some feel sorry for us (like we've somehow failed and should have more.. well, stuff).

In the 1990s, we owned a massive, 3-story 3,500 home. We sold it when a super-center, with a Target, was being built across the street.

10 years ago, we had an oversized 3-car garage stuffed to the gills with everything imaginable, including a second refrigerator. Today, we have a 2-car garage that includes a small couch, old TV and small table, a workbench and still room for one car.

Frankly, we're much happier now, and we have more time and disposable income for travel, college tuition, and more movies, dinners out, sports events, etc.

(And more to give to church and charitable causes. After all... it's not all just about us.)

Mark Daniels said...

What a great example you're setting for others...including your kids!

Blessings in Christ,

Deborah White said...

Thank you, Mark.