Sunday, November 25, 2007

'On Leaving'

As regular readers of this blog know, after seventeen years in my former parish, I recently accepted the call from the people of Saint Matthew Lutheran Church in Logan, Ohio, to be their pastor. I wrote a series of posts, Hello, Goodbye, detailing my reflections on leaving one parish and heading to a new one.

It turns out that while my wife and I were prayerfully wrestling with the decision to make this transition, two blogging pastors I respect were going through the same process.

One was Pastor Mark Roberts, who went from a southern California congregation to a place called the Laity Lodge in Texas, moved shortly before we went from Cincinnati to Logan. Mark wrote about his move here.

Recently, Pastor Craig Williams has left a congregation he started nineteen years ago. He's written about the change here.

Craig was supportive and encouraging to me as I made my move. He will be in my prayers now.

Craig is one of the most thoughtful and interesting bloggers around.

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