Sunday, January 06, 2008

Saudi Imprisoned without Charges (for Blogging)

Fouad Ahmad Alfarhan is a Saudi Arabian business manager, educated in the United States, who has run afoul of the government of his country for producing a blog in which he has called for things like freedom of speech and due process in the Saudi justice system.

He's been jailed since December 10 and so far, no word from Saudi authorities regarding the charges, if any, against him.

To learn more about Fouad Ahmad Alfarhan, go here, here, and here. At the latter site, you're invited to sign a petition seeking his immediate release. You can edit the message being sent to Saudi authorities to suit yourself.

If you have freedom, please, use it by seeking the freedom of one jailed for being a voice for freedom in his own country.

[HT: Rambling Hal]

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