Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"I aint got no horror story..."

"...God kept me in my youth I give him all the glory
got my story with the flow,
and now I know
the blood of the lamb has saved my soul
and that's my testimony..." (great rap from Da T.R.U.T.H.)

Here's a "video" from his recording.

Here's a live version. It's great that he asked some audience members come up on stage.

What I love about this track is that it's simply this guy's testimony about his own relationship with Christ. So often, Christians who have always believed and never been doubters, addicts, thieves, or serial adulterers feel inferior because they don't have a dramatic story to tell about their conversion. These are people like Fred Meuser, who was the son of a pastor and served as president of the seminary from which I graduated. If you spent any time with Fred, you would see as all of us who were students at Trinity, that he believed fervently in Jesus. Jesus was the center of his life. And yet, Fred had experienced no drama in his life, no years of hollow rebellion, no dark nights of doubt. "I can't remember a time when I didn't believe in Jesus," he told a group of us who had just begun our seminary training in back in January, 1980.

It's OK for Christians to have always believed. In fact, it's more than OK. Ask any Christian who, before coming to faith in Christ, wandered far from God, and they'll tell you that they would gladly have skipped all that "drama" if in its place they could have known and followed Jesus sooner.

Who need earthbound "drama" when you can have the King of kings as your best friend?

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