Saturday, November 10, 2012

Called to Be Faithful, Not Stupid

This was just shared by Sundries over on Facebook. It made me laugh. But then it made me think.

Papamobil - schusssicheres glas,bullet proof glass,popemobile,faith,glaube,papamobil,god,gott,papst

And this was my comment:
Mightn't the pope traveling around unprotected be a bit like throwing one's self off the pinnacle of a temple [in the belief that God will always protect us from the consequences of our stupid decisions]?
Or refusing a blood transfusion because you think it denotes a lack of faith in God?
Seen in this light, the Popemobile is an implicit confession by every pope, "God is God and I'm not."
We live in a fallen world in which caution is warranted and isn't a sign of faithlessness.
I know: I'm a party-pooper. (Or is that party-poper?)

But while I totally get the humor, the fact is that our call is to be faithful, not stupid.

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