Friday, May 31, 2013

Hope for the Fickle (Like Me)

Julie Ackerman Link writes powerfully about seeing herself in the fickle crowds who hailed Jesus as their king on Palm Sunday, then cried for His blood on Thursday:
I love following Jesus when He is doing the impossible, but I slink away when He expects me to do something difficult. It’s exciting to follow Jesus when I can do it as part of the “in” crowd...But when He begins to talk about suffering and sacrifice and death, I hesitate.
I know how fickle I can be in following Jesus. That's why I need to live in daily repentance and renewal. It's easy to follow the wide pathways of evil and social correctness; it's hard to travel the narrow pathway of following Jesus. I seem to veer off-course all the time. Thank God, God judges me not on the basis of my non-existent goodness, but on the basis of the Christ to Whom I come back in repentance and faith.

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