Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Who Came First?

He is not "my Christ" because I have decided to follow Jesus. He is "my Christ" because He saved me, wretched sinner though I am, purely out of divine mercy and grace and, overwhelmed by the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the preaching of the Good News, faith took root in me. He is "my Christ" solely because, though I have no idea why He would want me, first I became His child. All praise and honor and glory go to God alone.


sleinad kram said...

My name is also Mark Daniels.

I've been sent your URL by a number of my friends asking if I were OK. I am happy to confirm that I am fine. I am ok. Glad we got that sorted out.

You see, the problem is, your website is causing me come concern because it is worrying my friends and family. I am a rationalist atheist and the sight of your words under my name is causing my friends and family to ask if I have had some sort or seizure, trauma or other incident that would cause me to be writing such things. After all, who in their right mind could realistically believe what is written in this item, http://markdaniels.blogspot.ch/2013/10/who-came-first.html

No, I know, ludicrous, isn't it.

SO, in the name of sanity, for the health and well being or myself, my friends and family and for the wider good of all people, the majority of whom are not christians and therefore do not share your belief [making you the minority], please, please, for the good of us all, stop, stop defiling us all with these heinous words and trying putting your efforts and talents into something worthwhile.

I know, as fellow Mark Daniels you are a decent man and your current situation must therefore be a temporary aberration. I know therefore you'll take these words to heed and seek the help that may be needed to return to sanity, to allow yourself the room to grow, to mature and, finally, become a productive and worthwhile member of the human race once more.

Finest and best regards,
Mark Daniels

Mark Daniels said...

Just noticed this comment for the first time.

I used to be an atheist myself.

I also have sometimes called myself slienad cram.

God bless you...even if you don't want it.

Thanks for writing.

The other Mark Daniels