Monday, December 23, 2013

Still in Love with the Savior Who Isn't Always Easy to Get

During worship yesterday, I told the story of how, after a decade of being an atheist, my new faith in Jesus Christ made itself plain to me.

It happened while taking a class at my wife's home church. I was trying to understand this faith she and the people of the congregation of which she was a part, professed.

Uncharacteristically for someone who was a "just do enough" student, the God I was learning about in the course, Life with God, incited me to seek to learn more on my own. Because I wanted to try to understand more about how a person lived faith in the God revealed in Christ, the first book of the Bible I read was Acts, in the New Testament.

I read it in 1976, around the time I came to faith in Christ. The other day, I looked inside the resource book for Life with God and found these brief notes I made after reading Acts. (You can click on the image above is if you want to enlarge it.)

Thirty-seven years later, I still love Jesus. He sometimes baffles and confounds me. Often, I simply don't understand Him or His ways.

But I know that He loves me and blesses me with a passionate love I don't deserve and could never earn. He's my lifeline and my hope.

And more than ever, I want to have the courage to share Him and His gracious love with the world.

Here's a demo Rich Mullins recorded shortly before his death. The song is called Hard to Get and it's about Jesus.

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