Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Welcome

With each Church Season, our congregation's weekly bulletin has a special welcome for visitors. Here's what will appear this coming week, with the Second Sunday of Easter:
Welcome to Living Water Lutheran Church!

We’re pleased to welcome you during this Easter season, which this year began on April 20 and ends on May 25.

Throughout this season, we remember the greatest event in history--Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead--and what it means for our lives today and our lives in eternity.

Living Water is a congregation dedicated to spreading the good news of Easter by our words and our actions. That good news, very simply, is that God has conquered our common enemies as people sin, death, and meaningless living, through Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection from death. All who will daily turn from sin and daily surrender to Jesus share in His victory over these enemies. Jesus promises in Matthew 24:13: “...the one who endures to the end [in faithfulness to Christ] will be saved.”

In gratitude for the free gift of new life given to believers in Jesus and from the love of neighbor that God’s Holy Spirit seeks to build within His people, Living Water undertakes a lot of exciting ministries. These include housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, working with other churches to provide Christian sports experiences to young people, and help in rebuilding people’s lives. We do that throughout our church’s service area, which runs from Beavercreek to Lebanon, in Dayton, and in places like Haiti and Memphis, where mission teams of our congregation’s members often go.

Living Water is committed to building its life on three key commands of Jesus. We seek to: love God; love our neighbors as we love ourselves; love our fellow Christians as Christ has loved us; make new followers of Jesus by spreading the good news of the Easter story; and personally grow in our relationship with Christ each day.

We hope and pray that you will feel welcomed by the people of Living Water and that you will plan on being with us again soon.

Happy Easter!

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