Friday, May 30, 2014

What Will He Be Like on the Clippers' Sidelines?

Steve Ballmer goes crazy in order to profess his love for the company from which he recently retired, some $20-billion richer.

It has to be an act; after all, who could love Microsoft?

But truly, this guy is obviously smart and aggressive, making me wonder how long he'll be satisfied with his franchise being a renter from the Lakers, losing out on the revenue an organization can generate from controlling its venue?

The Clippers will have to become a more consistently solid contending commodity before Ballmer or anyone else will be able to get a Clippers arena built, I think. Even with the $18-billion he has in his bank accounts, it's hard to believe he could take on the building of a new basketball venue on his own or from the revenues the Clippers (may) generate in the future.

But, I'm probably completely wrong. I'm a preacher; not a software mogul, Harvard graduate, or nearly-new NBA franchise owner.

BTW: One thing it's probably safe to say is that Ballmer won't be caught spewing racist rants and that's good.

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