Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Valentine by Paul McCartney (and a little more)

McCartney's song, written for his Kisses on the Bottom, which celebrated some of the great tunes of the mid-twentieth century made popular by the crooners his parents loved listening to when Macca was a kid. My Valentine is a joyful song set to a minor keyed, bluesy tune.

In this video, the guitar solo is actually played by McCartney's buddy, the actor Johnny Depp. On the original track, the solo is provided by Eric Clapton.

When McCartney came to the US to promote the LP, he re-entered the truly iconic Capitol Records studios, where he'd recorded Kisses, for an intimate concert that was live streamed on iTunes. Macca's voice was not at its best for that performance. (His voice has been in marked decline over the past decade, sadly.)

But the atmosphere of a live performance with a band anchored by Diana Krall on piano was enjoyable, as was Joe Walsh's solo on My Valentine.

I love this song.

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