Saturday, April 11, 2015

Even Now, Come, Lord Jesus

Night is falling on the old Narnia and the new one, the Narnia we always knew in our hearts existed, the perfection and beauty of which we saw presaged in this imperfect world, this place we loved because we carry Narnia in our hearts.

The new Narnia--what the Bible calls "the new heaven and the new earth"--will come in full and everlasting power to all who have endured in faith, trusting in Jesus. It will come too, sadly, to those who have refused to believe, as Christ will allow them to live in the place without Him they choose by unbelief.

It will come when the resurrected and ascended Jesus returns to the earth and brings His eternal kingdom fully into being. It can't arrive soon enough.

In the meantime, I pray that I will wait faithfully, not with indifference to this old Narnia that is dying, but with passion and love for it as God's humanly-marred gift...

with love for God and love for neighbor...

with a commitment to share the good news that all who turn from sin and surrender in trust to Christ have life with God that never ends...

with a passion to bring God's love and peace and justice to all people.

Thy kingdom, come, Lord. Thy will be done, Lord. Even now, come, Lord Jesus. come. Amen

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