Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's a Duggar?

I never heard of Josh Duggar until a few days ago and now I see his name plastered all over Facebook and Twitter.

While I haven't bothered reading any of the articles, I did Google and see that he's part of a reality TV show. (Or, as I call the whole lot of them, unreality TV.)

Just a general observation: I often wonder why people feel the need to parade their private lives (or versions of them) before the public. The psychological disorder of narcissism is all the rage. The "stars" get their need to be noticed fed. Viewers seem unable to get enough of the stuff, like rubberneckers at the sight of a freeway pile-up.

But narcissism always leads to bad things. It seems to have done so again.

[UPDATE: How do you pronounce that name? Is it like Dugger? Or Dooger? Or something else?]

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