Saturday, October 10, 2015

Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney

Lots of vintage photographs taken around the time the song was recorded in 1969, including many from Macca's farm in Scotland, can be seen in this video.

I absolutely love Maybe I'm Amazed from the McCartney project. Its words bespeak the wonder of a man for a woman. He feels unworthy of her love. And he's amazed too, at how much he needs her. That's what love can cause a person to be: twitterpated, astounded, and trembly.

My favorite live version of the tune is the one McCartney performed during the 1989-90 tour. Thanks to northwest Ohio friends, I saw McCartney and his band on that tour on Valentine's Day, 1990, in Indianapolis. We sat in the seventh row, front and center.

As the lights went up after the final encore, two girls--aged about 14 and 12--who sat behind me at the concert with their mom, turned to their mother, eyes huge, and declared, "That was awesome!"

It was an amazing concert, McCartney's voice at the top of its powers, still capable of reaching the notes in the high ranges, but fuller, more mature than it had been in the Beatle days. (The tour occurred following the release of one of his best studio LPs, Flowers in the Dirt.) The tour is presented on my pick for Macca's best live release, Tripping the Live Fantastic.


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