Saturday, October 31, 2015

Urban Meyer has done the right thing

Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer has suspended quarterback J.T. Barrett for one game after Barrett was arrested last night on a misdemeanor charge of operating a vehicle under the influence. According to Columbus WBNS TV sports director Dom Tiberi, the sanction wasn't mandatory under NCAA or Ohio State athletic department rules, but Meyer levied the punishment anyway.
Meyer, I think, is doing the right thing, even though OSU's offense was just being enhanced by J.T. Barrett as the starting QB and the first CFP rankings are set to come out on Tuesday. 
It's not as if Cardale Jones is a slouch, of course. But Meyer is to be commended. When Barrett is in the game, the Buckeyes run a more diverse and difficult to defend offense, it seems.
This appears to be a classic case of too much free time as this is a bye-week for the Buckeyes. 
I'm hoping that J.T. and all these players for whom the package of a college scholarship, health services, conditioning coaching, first rate training facilities, topflight coaching, academic help, and marketing is such a great deal, especially at OSU, will learn some lessons from this event. 
Go, Buckeyes!

Urban Meyer did not have to suspend J.T. Barrett but still made the decision to do so. OSU Spokesman telling me that...
Posted by Dom Tiberi on Saturday, October 31, 2015

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