Saturday, December 05, 2015

Oh, Come, Oh, Come, Emanuel

This is one of my favorite versions of an Advent classic, sung by Bryan Duncan. It appeared on the Our Christmas collection by various artists released in 1990.

Emanuel (or Emmanuel or Immanuel) is one of the designations of Jesus, first appearing in Old Testament prophecy. It's a title that means, God with us. And that is what Jesus is, God in the flesh, who came into our world to be with us and to bear the punishment for sin we deserve and to set all who repent and believe in Him free to live with God for eternity.

One day, God with us will return to this world and all who have entrusted their lives to Him will live in the new creation that God gives as an act of grace to those who surrender to Emanuel, Jesus the Christ. Oh, come, oh, come, Emanuel.

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