Saturday, October 22, 2016

The whole baseball world wonders...

...where Steve Bartman will be tomorrow night.

Steve Bartman didn't cause the 2003 Cubs to lose the sixth game of the National League Championship Series, when many assumed the team would punch its ticket for the World Series. Cubs pitching and fielding in those two games were the real culprits.

But Bartman became a scapegoat for the frustration of Cubs fans over (then) ninety-five years in which the team hadn't won a World Series. That drought continues. But, as was true in 2003, the Cubs head into a sixth NLCS game with a three games to two advantage over their opponents, this year the Los Angeles Dodgers.

I would love to see Cubs Nation bury the hatchet with Bartman, himself a lifelong Cubs fan, who hasn't been seen back at Wrigley Field on that fateful night when he, like any other self-respecting baseball fan, reached for a foul ball hit his way.

But whatever he does, he (and probably every other fan) should stay away from Aisle 4, Row 8, Seat 113. You don't want to be there if a ball gets hit down the left field line tomorrow evening.

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