Saturday, April 28, 2018

About That Hole in Your Soul

That hole in your soul...Yeah, that one. It can only be filled by God. 

You were made in His image, made for relationship with Him, made for all the truth and beauty that only God can give. 

Without Him in our lives, things are missing. Things like hope, peace, the power to endure when bad things happen, the ability to be forgiven and to forgive, the power to love others as God loves us even when we disagree with them or they’ve hurt us, and the power to care when care-worn cynicism is the easier path.

God has revealed Himself to all the world in the crucified and risen Jesus. 

Tomorrow, why not gather with people in your community who get together every week to praise God, get to know Him through His Word, and have those holes made of yearning for the Divine Someone filled by the only One Who can, the God you can know in Jesus? 

Everyone there will be as imperfect as you are and if they really seek to follow Jesus, they will warmly welcome you in your quest to be, along with them, filled with the grace, love, truth, and power of God. 

Please consider worshiping with a Christian congregation near you tomorrow!

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