Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Turtleneck Tuesday #1

We begin a new feature here on the blog, Turtleneck Tuesdays, in which we'll unveil the pictures of two prominent turtleneck wearers who prove the proposition that only the cool people wear turtlenecks.

Turtlenecks can be casual. But they also represent a great alternative to ties with dress shirts for work attire. At work, they certainly look better and more professional than wearing unbuttoned dress shirts worn with sports coats or suit coats that I see on TV so much any more. Not so much: It makes wearers like they were too lazy to wear ties or pull on a turtleneck, content to look like slobs.

By the way, why is it so hard for me to replenish my supply at Land's End each year? I love their turtlenecks because they ride high and tight on your neck and cling at the cuffs. None of this saggy stuff. But they sometimes have to back order my winter purchases of turtlenecks.

Here are two cool turtleneck wearers:
  • The late Steve McQueen, seen below on the left, who exemplifies movie cool even today. This pic is taken from one of his big hits, Bullitt.
  • Cornell Belcher, prominent presidential pollster, a guy you see frequently on TV. Belcher often sports t/ns during his TV appearances and always looks good. How could he not? It's a turtleneck, man!

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