Saturday, March 07, 2020

I disagree with Stephen King about Woody Allen's book (and agree with Karen Prior)

When Hachette Book Group's plans to publish a memoir by comedian Woody Allen became known, there was a public outcry. This resulted in the company's decision not to publish the Allen book. That caused Stephen King to take to Twitter.

I don't share King's concern and tweeted in reply (though I'm sure he hasn't seen the reply):

I was gratified when author Karen Swallow Prior responded to my tweet with a ringing endorsement. "Yup," she tweeted.

By the way, even though I disagree with King, I recognize that it required courage for him to offer up his tweet. I respect people who assert opinions based on their principles. But I don't think that freedom of expression is even at issue in the Hachette decision not to publish the Allen book. I do think that other principles are at play, like not rewarding sexual exploitation.

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