Sunday, November 08, 2020

An Update on Living Water's Mission Outreach Center

Living Water Lutheran Church of Centerville, Ohio, the congregation I'm privileged to serve as pastor, is building its Mission Outreach Center. The construction is happening even though, at present, we're unable to worship in our sanctuary still, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. These videos were presented on Facebook to give members and others an update on the construction's progress. 

When I say that the new facility will be "enormous," I mean it in relationship to our current sanctuary/multipurpose area which, if everyone squishes together and doesn't breathe too much will allow 120 to be seated. (We generally have two services with an average weekly attendance of 150-170 for both services. At least that was the case before COVID-19.) The Mission Outreach Center will seat about 250 when arranged in tables and about 300 when arranged in rows.

Two videos were necessary because while broadcasting the first one on Facebook Live, I lost connection to the church's WiFi.

Anyway, I'm deeply thankful to God for His grace and provision and to the people of Living Water for their faithfulness to Christ and His Church!

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