Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Maurice Clarett's Allegations Against Jim Tressel and OSU Football Program

The allegations by former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett have certainly kept the sports call-in radio shows busy. In a nutshell, Clarett, who was himself found guilty of NCAA rules violations a few years back, claims that the OSU football program is dirty and unethical.

Big-time college athletics is, generally, morally ambiguous and in considering these allegations, I want to be neither a pollyanna or a homer. (I was born and raised in Columbus and am an Ohio State graduate.) But I would be very surprised to learn that Clarett's allegations are true. From what little I know of Jim Tressel, he seems to be a guy of integrity.

Furthermore, given the problems OSU had before he arrived on campus, it's doubtful to me that Tressel would be so stupid as to get himself into an ethical pickle almost immediately after taking over the program. (That's when these alleged violations would have happened.)

Because I was seven to ten years old when OSU's basketball team vied for national championships, I've always been more of an OSU cage fan than football. But Tressel has been great for OSU football. I love watching the games again, after years of being sort of indifferent. He clearly helps players improve and he is, from my perspective, the best game coach in the country.

I hope and believe that these allegations are untrue. Buckeye fans, including me, will be watching how things proceed in coming weeks.

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