Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Danger of Labels

Recent posts by two bloggers I really enjoy demonstrate how dangerosuly inaccurate stereotyping can be.

Mark Sides, a lawyer in Minnesota, is a committed Christian who is politically conservative. He supported George Bush in the recent presidential election.

Deborah White is a committed Christian who is politically liberal. She was an ardent supporter of John Kerry.

You may find their posts interesting.

Here is Mark's. (Scroll down to his November 29, 2004 post called, "Cities for Life---NO to the Death Penalty.")

Here is Deborah's. (Hers is titled, "Abortion is the New US Prohibition---A Plea to the Democrats.")

Their posts suggest that not only is it dangerous for others to stereotype Christians, it's also problematic when some Christians (and neither Mark or Deborah do this) claim that their political views are the Christian ones. Christians have many varied political opinions.


thane777 said...

Mark -

I went to Deborah White's blog and I must say to you that it appears that she has bought into the leftist drivel about Bush voters being stupid.

It is a sad depiction of how public discourse in this country has deteriorated over the years. Mark D. Roberts has a ton of good things to say in this matter

I do not mindlessly espouse whatever the view of the day is coming out of D.C. and I surely hope that most Christians today do not either.

We are called to live in this world yet not become part of it.


thane777 said...

I am finding that the longer I follow Christ the more apolitical I become. Not that I loose one ounce of interest in politics but rather I am no longer looking at things as being left or right wing ideas. Instead I am beginning to more and more ask whether a policy honors Christ and if it contradicts His teachings.