Wednesday, December 01, 2004

On the Slippery Slope to the Culture of Death in the Netherlands

This story about the apparent sanctioning of infant euthanasia in the Netherlands is deeply troubling. Those in favor of euthanasia have long argued that terminally ill patients should be allowed to decide when to end their lives. Apparently, many in the Netherlands now believe that parents and medical professionals should have the right to make such decisions for infants. I'm going to be praying about this situation.

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Alex said...

What I find is quite ironic is that we allow abortion and then get all hot and bothered when euthanasia comes along. I guess we all can deal with things that aren't in front of our nose but get squeamish when things are in front of our nose. I can see euthanasia being eventually promoted as a cost saver attached to the argument that you should be concerned about the welfare of your fellow man. It is similar to the argument that woman should be in control of their bodies when abortion is being promoted. Anyway I often wonder what God thinks of these developments. I imagine we are going to find out after we die. I also keep wondering how you would answer the question "Why did you kill me Mommy???" when the baby's soul asks the question. It would probably make a stimulating topic for a sermon some time but on the other hand I don't want you to cut your throat. It is the old conundrum of being a leader. Far enough out in front of the flock but not far enough to cause havoc. Oh by the way there is a personal interest here. Your blogging topics are always part of my morning coffee so I always want you around!!