Monday, May 23, 2005

Senator DeWine Showing Courage and Wisdom, I Think

I just sent an email message to US Senator Mike DeWine. Mr. DeWine is the senior Republican senator from Ohio and is trying to work out a compromise on the contentious question of filibustering judicial nominations. DeWine has said that he has already made up his mind, but has not publicly announced it in order to give himself the latitude with which to be a go-between various Senate factions. As a result, he is being condemned by some, especially fellow Republicans. But I believe that, whatever one's politics, DeWine deserves commendation, something we don't give public officials very often.

Here's what I wrote to DeWine:
I know that you are taking a lot of heat these days regarding the role that you're attempting to play in the debate over proposals to end the filibustering of judicial nominations. Some regard the entire question as a test of Republican orthodoxy to favor doing away with such filibusters.

As an American, a Republican, and an Ohioan, I applaud what you are doing. I believe that you're trying to help the Senate avert a train wreck that will only further poison debate on judiical nominations and no doubt spill its venom onto other areas.

You are showing great courage and wisdom. Thank you for your service.

Mark Daniels


Deborah White said...

Great letter.

Mark Daniels said...

Thanks so much, Deborah!