Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Where to Get a Lift, a Kick in the Seat, or Something to Think About

Steve Goodier's daily inspirations can give you a lift, a kick in the seat, or just something to think about. Sometimes I quibble with Steve's approach: He's a Christian and a pastor who doesn't always bring in Christ in the spots where I might deem it appropriate to do so. But anyone--people of faith or no faith--can read Steve's writing and get good things from it. He draws on incidents and thoughts from around the world to write his compelling and memorable pieces.

You can either subscribe to Steve Goodier's 'Life Support System' articles or have them sent to you via email. Go here to learn more and to sample one of Steve's pieces. I've been subscribing for several years now. (And, no, he didn't pay me to write this. He doesn't even know about my doing so.)

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