Thursday, December 08, 2005

WWJS: Who Would Jesus Sue?

Jan, the excellent blogger at The View from Her, has an interesting post addressing the question not just of American litigiousness, but that of Christian Americans' penchant for suing others, including other Christians. She wonders what would happen if we refused to play that game. (Also look here and here.)


"ME" Liz Strauss said...

I so "enjoyed" (?) the chance to read this conversation among you all about Christians suing Christians. I had read your earlier posts and now these two. The term that is passed around from your post to theirs is "personal rights." I surrendered mine a long time ago and I'd like the world to know I'm doing fine.

Each time I read that term, knowing that each of you did not espouse its cause in this context, I flinched a bit and my mind kept silently screaming, "But where is the forgiveness? Where is the self-respect? Where is the forgiveness?" That is what "turn the other cheek" has finally come to mean to me" not be a victim, but hold dearly to the humanity and self respect I owe my Creator and my God and offer the aggressor my forgiveness.

Mark Daniels said...

You offer some great insights here! The obsessive guardianship of our rights is really an expression of deep personal insecurity. When we know that we have, as one pastor puts it, God's "cosmic okie dokie," we needn't be so anxious about having our own ways all the time.

Thanks for the comments and as always, for reading the blog. It means a lot to me that good communicators like you visit this site and get involved in the discussion here.

God bless!