Tuesday, September 12, 2006

OSU Should Win on Saturday...But Complacency Must Be Avoided!

I commented to my son earlier today that I sort of cringe when Ohio State's football team plays smaller in-state schools like the University of Cincinnati's Bearcats.

The Buckeyes will be playing UC at the Horseshoe in Columbus this coming Saturday. Ohio State is coming off of an impressive win against the University of Texas in Austin this past week, a game which, at the time saw #1 and #2 in the nation face off. UC lost in its game with Pitt, played here in Cincy last Friday night.

Ohio has many fine smaller universities, like the University of Akron, whose Zips beat North Carolina State's Wolfpack in Raleigh on Saturday. Other top notch smaller schools include Bowling Green, University of Toledo, Kent State, and Miami.

OSU has a commitment to playing games against in-state schools, which is something that the schools sought for many years. This season, UC goes to Columbus.

The reason that these games so concern me is that these smaller schools' teams have sufficient talent to have the potential to vie for the upset, especially if the Buckeyes are complacent.

On paper--and probably on the field--Ohio State should dominate the game on Saturday. But I hope my Buckeyes avoid any complacency and continue their march to the national championship!

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