Saturday, October 21, 2006

On the road to the national championship...

nothing can be taken for granted:
At this point in an unbeaten season with his team ranked No. 1, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel is quite picky about the history lesson he teaches his Buckeyes.

Like this week, as they’ve prepared to play host to 31-point underdog Indiana, old history hasn’t been in the curriculum. He chose not to bring up Woody Hayes’ declaration after a 1951 loss to Indiana in his first season as Ohio State coach that the Buckeyes would never lose to the Hoosiers again. They’ve lost to them just twice since, in 1987 and ’88, but that was after Hayes had died.

But what Tressel has pointed out is the way Indiana, in the second season under coach Terry Hoeppner, has rallied the past two weeks for victories over Illinois and Iowa, the first time they’ve won two Big Ten games in the same season since 2001.

"In my mind this particular week I think you better pay close attention to how they’ve done a great job in their last two Big Ten games," Tressel said after practice yesterday. "Current history seems to be very applicable, because that’s who they are and that’s what they’ve done."
Go, Buckeyes!

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