Saturday, February 03, 2007

Little Willow

This beautiful song, Little Willow, was written by Paul McCartney for the children of Ringo Starr and his first wife, Maureen, after Maureen succumbed to cancer. It's a poignant song and the video matches that mood perfectly. The latter, in fact, mirrors the experiences of McCartney, first in the death of his mother and then of his first wife, Linda. Both were victims of breast cancer.

I was drawn to this song today in light of this event.

Of course, as a Christian, important as the support of friends and family is in times of grief, my ultimate hope is in Jesus Christ, Who has unequivocally conquered death for all who believe in Him. But it's also true that the loving encouragement of others can be the very medicine for our souls that God wants to provide to us to remind us of hope beyond the grave. I believe that we wouldn't find death so difficult accept were it not for the fact that deep in our DNA, we know that we have been made for more. Thank God that in Christ, our hope for eternity isn't in vain!

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