Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tweets on This Sunday's Bible Lessons

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Below are tweets I posted this afternoon regarding this coming Sunday's Bible lessons. I hope they help folks get ready for worship. I may post more substantive stuff later.
Ezekiel 2:5: We're called to be faithful to God, leave the results up to God.

2 Cor. 12:2-10: Only when I'm weak that my delusions of self-sufficiency are laid waste. God's power can worthwhile things in and thru us.

Mark 6:1: Jesus' worlds come together.

Mark 6:2: People attribute "power" and "wisdom" to Jesus, attributes associated with God. But they don't know where [they come] from.

Mark 6:3: "took offense at." Jesus couldn't expect acclamation any more than Ezekiel...or us.

Mark 6:4: An expert is anyone with a pointer from forty miles away.

Mark 6:4: The "who do you think you are?" factor prevents prophets from being accepted. Per 2 Cor. 12, the prophet would say, "I'm nobody."

Mark 6:5: Faithlessness prevents the working of God's power. God never forces faith.

Mark 6:6: Jesus could have sung, "Amazing Doubt." But why was Jesus amazed?

Mark 6:6: Did Jesus' amazement stem from feeling that His past in Nazareth authenticated His present claims?

Mark 6:6, 10: Jesus always refrained from beating His head against walls.

Mark 6:7: No doubt, the disciples' ascribed authority was as limited by faithlessness as Jesus' underived authority.

Mark 6:8: Travel light. What does that say to our materialism?

Mark 6:12-13: The disciples did the same ministries that Jesus did (John 12:12-14).
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