Monday, July 27, 2009

Real Good Thing

"When we don't get what we deserve, that's a real good thing..." Classic lyrics written by Steve Taylor for the band with which he long collaborated, Newsboys. It came up on my iTunes shuffle while I was working on some stuff at my computer today. Here's the song...

Here are the lyrics with appropriate disclaimers, I hope.

when we don´t get what
we deserve that´s a real
good thing
when we get what we don't deserve
that's a real good thing

born to sin
and then get caught
all our good deeds
don´t mean squat

sell the Volvo
shred the Visa
send the cash to Ma Theresa
great idea
the only catch is
you don´t get saved
on merit badges

- Chorus -

doctor's coming
looking grim
"Do you have a favorite hymn?"

check your balance through the years
all accounts are in arrears
guilt is bitter
grace is sweet
park it here
on the mercy seat

- Chorus -

Lyrics: Steve Taylor &
Peter Furler / Music: Jody
Davis & Peter Furler
© 1994 Ariose Music (a
divison of Star Song
Communications, admin.
by Gaither Copyright
Management), Warner
Alliance Music, Soylent
Tunes & Helmet

THANK GOD THAT HE ISN'T FAIR! If I got what I deserve, I'd be separated from God, from life, from forgiveness forever.

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