Friday, August 19, 2011

Heart Cath Report (Goofball Edition)

The video speaks for itself, I suppose. (No, I'm not referring to how plain it makes it that I'm a goofball.)

I had a heart attack in June, 2010, initially undiagnosed. It damaged 40% of my heart. After the diagnosis was made at Mid-Ohio Cardiology in Columbus, I underwent a heart catheterization at Riverside Methodist Hospital, also in Columbus.

Today's cath procedure was indicated by a stress test I took last week. It indicated a slow flow of blood in the heart. The cath showed no blockages.

However, my heart has not bounced back as fully as the doc would have liked. So, in October, as a precautionary measure, a defibrillator will be implanted in my chest. Should any arrhythmias develop (there have never been any previously), the defib will send electrical impulses to ensure that the heart beats uninterruptedly.

Got home after dinner with Ann at Cosi's. Relieved and happy. Thanks to everyone for their prayers. God bless!


Sage said...

Good news on the cath. Pacemaker should be a breeze and help tremendously. Scary stuff as we get older huh. I always perferred to be on the other side of procedures..:-)

Mark Daniels said...

You're right about being on the other side of procedures...I think that especially of colonoscopies! God bless!

Spencer Troxell said...

I'm glad you're alive.

Mark Daniels said...

Thank you, Spencer. Say hello to everyone for us.