Saturday, October 22, 2011

Two Special Memorials

On November 6, All Saints' Sunday, we'll be dedicating two memorials in honor of two special Saint Matthew members.

One is an oak tree and butterfly bushes, all planted this past week, in honor of Sarah. Sarah was a twenty year old member of the congregation, who died in August after a valiant seven-and-a-half year battle with cancer. Sarah loved butterflies or more accurately, butterflies loved her. The oak tree, projected to live 200 years, is, along with the bushes, a fitting memorial to one who taught us so much about trustingly living for Jesus Christ. (For more about Sarah, see here.)

On the same day, we'll dedicate a brand new sound system at Saint Matthew in memory of Luke, a lifelong member of the congregation who died two years ago at age 87. Active until the end of his life, Luke operated the old sound system every Sunday and for every other service--when not, briefly, away on vacation--for many years. In fact, he commented shortly before he passed that he hadn't missed providing service for a funeral in the Saint Matthew sanctuary in 25 years! Operating the sound system is no small matter at Saint Matthew because it connects the congregation with a radio audience that listens to our Sunday worship every week. Saint Matthew has been on the radio continuously since 1962. Luke did a lot of other unheralded things for the congregation. He would love this new sound system, I think! (For more about Luke, see here.)

Below the new mixer board cabinet is pictured.

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dj said...

Saint Matthew's first radio broadcast was October of 1962 on WATH. In 1966 we brpadcasted on WLGN and WATH until WLGN got their AM signal in the spring of 1967. Just wanted to update on the broadcast history. We are still one of the longest running live broadcast, if not the longest live church broadcast in the state of OHIO>

Mark Daniels said...

Hmm. I was told during call process that it was 1946. I'll update the blog post on that. Thanks for the information.