Thursday, November 27, 2014

"I think we're smart enough to converse"

Lecrae, a committed follower of Christ and a great recording artist, has taken some heat for trying to engage in useful dialogue about the broader issues involved in what has happened in Ferguson, Missouri.

Like him, I can't claim to know the facts of the specific case, but I believe the reaction indicates that there is a broader issue to be addressed.

Prayer and the humble pursuit of unity and understanding are goals that we all can embrace, especially as Christians who seek to love our neighbors, white and black.

Like Lecrae, I have no political agenda. (Politics seems irrelevant to this entire issue, really. It's more a matter of our wills, minds, and hearts.)

Before recording this video, Lecrae, undoubtedly already exhausted from a recent tour, had spent long nights trying to convince young people not to use violence in protesting the wrongs they perceive. For that alone, he deserves a fair hearing.

I long ago came to love this man's music. But, increasingly, I love his heart for Christ and for his neighbors, his courage, and his integrity.

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