Monday, November 24, 2014

Trygve Skarsten

Just learned of the passing of one of my favorite seminary professors, Trygve Skarsten.

He was a man whose love for Christ and gentle piety oozed from every pore. I will never forget when he was honored for his years of service during a banquet at the seminary. Tryg was asked to speak a few words at that time.

He spoke of how Jesus had changed his life, after being a member of a gang in his native New York City. He talked about the prayers of his pious mother for his salvation and spoke gratefully of how Jesus had changed his eternity. He spoke movingly of the power of Christ's gospel to change everyone's life similarly.

When he finished speaking, Skarsten received a standing ovation. I turned to my mentor, the late Pastor Bruce Schein, and said, "Tryg is alright." As he clapped appreciatively, Schein looked at me and replied with feeling, "He's in the vision."

He indeed was in the vision of heaven and earth as the domain of the Lord Who saves us from sin and death and darkness by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Trygve Skarsten is in the presence of his Lord Jesus right now and, I am sure, he is bursting with joy and celebration!

UPDATE: Here is a sermon I preached in 2010, in which I mention an article written by Dr. Skarsten. The anecdote from his life cited there evokes his passion for Christ and for sharing the Gospel.

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