Friday, February 27, 2015

Heaven on a Sunday by Paul McCartney

"Restful, like Devon on a Monday
"Cooling my fingers in the bay
"We've been learning a song
"But it's a long and lonely blues

"If I only had one love
"Yours would be the one I'd choose.."
Love the image of sitting dreamily on a boat, reclining, and dipping fingers into the bay to feel the cool water.

The song seems to be the wistful wishing of a couple whose love, for whatever reason, can't be. So, they've been learning a song, but they can't sing celebrations together, just "a long and lonely blues."

This ballad is among the last tunes on which Paul McCartney's late wife Linda sang background vocals. Their son, James, also provides the guitar solo.

Devon, mentioned in the second verse, is a county in the southwest of England. Its south edge sets on the English Channel. On its north is Bristol Channel, which seems likely "the bay" in the song.

The video is part of an autoplay of Macca material. I don't usually link to stuff on Youtube that automatically takes you to other songs. But I had no other option for linking to Heaven on a Sunday. It's a pretty little thing. Just thought of it as I was heading for bed.
"Peaceful, like heaven on a Sunday
"Wishful, not thinking what to do
"We've been calling it love
"But it's a dream we're going through

"And if I only had one love
Yours would be the one I'd choose"
That, I think, is sigh-inducing.

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