Monday, March 30, 2015

If I'm Breathing, Everything Else is Gravy

If I were God, overseeing Mark Daniels' growth and development as a disciple of Christ, one of the things that would frequently frustrate Me is Mark's sense of entitlement.

Here's what God has been trying to teach this slow-learner: I'm not entitled to anything.

If I'm breathing, everything else is gravy.

God owes me nothing.

Life in this world owes me nothing.

God doesn't owe me the opportunity for new life through faith in His Son, though He gives that opportunity to all anyway.

He doesn't owe me realized dreams. Or brilliance. Or success. Or happiness.

God owes me nothing. He already gives me everything I need. And, I'm not even entitled to that.

He is gracious and good, holy and mighty, forgiving and the epitome and author of all love.

In return, I owe Him gratitude expressed in submission to Him and love for others. In return, I owe Him a sense of responsibility for my neighbors, wherever they live.

I'm asking God to make my life a "no entitlement zone."

God gives me life. Everything else, most especially life through Christ, is gravy.

Thank You, Lord.

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