Monday, October 10, 2016

You can help Haiti

The death toll from Hurricane Matthew is now more than a thousand in Haiti. Cholera has begun to break out in some parts of the country. With poor infrastructure, staggering poverty, and an endemically corrupt government, the people of Haiti, still reeling from an earthquake several years ago, will find this latest natural disaster a tough thing from which to recuperate.

For over five years now, the people of the congregation I serve, Living Water Lutheran Church in Centerville, Ohio, have worked with a ministry headquartered in Indiana, SMI Haiti, to bring the Gospel and practical help for improving the everyday lives of people in Haiti. It's one of the most exciting mission partnerships we have.

SMI Haiti works steadily in a few places in Haiti, partnering with local churches, orphanages, and schools there.

Under the auspices of the organization, a group from Living Water goes every February for a substantive mission trip. (Not a North American photo op!) Our folks have helped build church worship areas, an orphanage, and wells, in addition to doing Bible studies. Each year, our congregation does fund raising, a rice and beans drive, to help SMI Haiti feed people in need. The great thing is that 100% of what we send goes directly to the needs of the Haitian communities in which SMI operates.

If you would like to help bring direct help to the Haitian people, a donation toward hurricane relief through SMI Haiti will be a solid investment in that cause!

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