Thursday, March 19, 2020

A Prayer

I shared this prayer request with the prayer team of our congregation, Living Water Lutheran Church in Centerville, Ohio, a short while ago. Would you join us in praying?
Please offer up prayers of thanks for all doctors, nurses, hospital personal assistants, physicians’ assistants, lab workers, scientists, medical researchers, public health officials, and first responders and all that they are doing to mitigate and conquer the Coronavirus.  
Pray in Jesus' name that all those seeking to speed up the production and distribution of tests, respirators, and a vaccine will be successful.  
Pray that God will give wisdom to leaders of governments and that God will open their hearts, minds, and wills to that wisdom so that they will act on it.  
Pray that the Church, in this time of necessary social distancing, will exploit other means--such as email, phone calls, cards, letters, and social media--to be about the mission that Christ has given to us: to be and to make disciples.  
Pray that God will open up the way for our congregation's small groups to continue meeting using online technology. 
Pray that the Lord of the Church will guide the bishop of The North American Lutheran Church, Dan Selbo, and our entire denomination in lifting Christ up to the world.  
Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide each of us into behaviors that display good stewardship of the lives God has given to us and a love for neighbor that keeps us mindful that even if we ourselves aren't ill, we can be carriers of a virus that is especially hard on the old, those with medical conditions, and the very young. 
Pray that God will keep the members of our congregation healthy and above all, focused on Jesus Christ. We know that there is one virus that afflicts the entire human race, the virus of sin. It will have its way with each of us. But all who put their trust in Jesus Christ as their only hope for life with God now and in eternity have a Great Physician Who has conquered sin, death, and the grave.  
Pray that in all times and circumstances, we will share Christ and His Gospel of new and everlasting life for all who repent and believe in Christ, faithfully, persistently, reverently, considerately, lovingly.  
Pray that God will use our online worship to bring new believers to faith in Christ and to strengthen the faith of our members and of other Christians. 
For Christ's Church, this is a moment of opportunity as well as of danger. May Christ find us faithful. Thank you for praying.

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